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The word integrity evolved from the Latin adjective integer, meaning whole or complete. Acting in the interest of our clients based on transparency and honesty is of utmost importance as we act according to our values, beliefs and principles that we hold.



We strongly believe in the fact that continuous learning and upgrading will lead to competency and skill expected of a professional. The many testimonials from our clients are testament to the standard of care we uphold ourselves to for our clients.



"For success, attitude is equally as important as ability."- Walter Scott. Our team of Financial Services Consultants is committed to working with you to meet your financial goals, at every life stage you're in.



We rise by lifting others, which is why teamwork forms one of our top core values as a Financial Services Consultant. As we build a professional career, we will never neglect the need for friendship and bonding.


About Warren & Associates

We are a team of Financial Services Consultants representing AIA Singapore, and we provide financial planning services for yourself and your loved ones. As a team, we aim to demonstrate exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service.

The team is led by Warren and Aaron, and each Financial Services Consultant is mentored on doing the Right Thing from the start, through a Discovery Process that all Financial Services Consultants adhere to. We strive to set the excellence in the life insurance and financial services business.

We share a common vision, which is to build a Team of Professional Financial Services Consultants that will set the standard in the Financial Planning Industry.

In order to achieve the standard, our mission is to carry out our role professionally, with the key focus on adding values to our client’s financial planning, through a system of trust.

这包括“Life, Endowment, Accident & Investment” 等。
不过,对于找到一个有责任感与有深入通晓保险的专业人士,是很不容易的。很庆辛的,Aaron 是证明了他的价值,他符合了我所要求的服务理念。他除了综合我的各种各类的保险保单,也作了深入的研究,并指出其中的不足,肯定的是,他一直跟我讨论如何提升,并策划了一系列的策略来填补以上不足。这包括了稍微的填补,也做了一些投资。这都是为了在“将来”能够无后顾之忧。这对我们来讲,是很重要的,因为我们需要的是一个未来的保障。

- Ng Seng Giap, --

Aaron has always been sincere, objective and professional when giving advice. He is not pushy and will only recommend products that ensure I’m fully covered. He was also persistent in appealing for my personal accident claim even when I had given up. I’m grateful to have a helpful and diligent insurance agent like Aaron.

- Audrey Ho, --

Angela used the Discovery Process along with diagrams and drawings to help us understand our current financial needs, and she always made sure we understood everything before continuing. She is meticulous and patient in answering our queries, and ensured that what we were buying was in line with our financial goals.

- Devone Lim, Administrator--

Chloe is attentive to my financial needs and requirements. She has given me valuable advice for my policies coverage for me and my family, and now she fully handles my financial portfolio. I will strongly recommend anyone to contact Chloe for financial advice.

- Lawrence, Sales Manager--

Chloe went through the Discovery Process with me to identify the essential areas that I need to consider in my financial planning. She is conscientious and meticulous, and she always made sure that I was making informed decisions.

- Davina Ong, Head of Student Recruitment--

I knew nothing about financial planning but Joel could explain financial products really well. He answered all my questions patiently, and I liked that he was not pushy and he always puts the needs of his customers first. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to build their portfolio to protect their future.

- Arif, Engineer--

Joel is very reliable, genuine and loyal. He has been my family’s advisor for many years and we consider him our friend. He recommends and suggests policies that truly benefit us and I trust him with my entire financial portfolio. He has also gone beyond the call of duty, and has helped us through crisis and in times of need.

- Edmund Quek, Sales Manager--

What I appreciate about Joey is that he takes time to find out what my needs are and tailors my insurance coverage according to them. He’s been my consultant since 2012, and he continues to emphasise that he is here to walk the financial journey with me. I also appreciate that he shares personal finance and investment tips with me.

- Chadin, Programmer for Razor--

Joey cares for his clients and puts their interests first. He is thorough in his planning and patient with questions. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy and professional consultant.

- Brian Koh, MOE Specialist--

Melissa took the time to understand my personal needs and constraints before recommending an insurance package that’s right for me. She has a deep understanding of the product she is selling, and was very patient in answering my questions. Overall, it has been a very professional experience, and I would definitely recommend her service to anyone who wants to buy insurance.

- He Dacheng, Broker--

Melissa is friendly, concise and thorough. The insurance plan was personalised and well suited to my needs.

- Sin Yuan, Doctor--

Michael was very patient in ensuring that I knew my all options and that I fully understood the products. He also made the effort to accommodate my schedule and made the whole process a breeze. He has always been a friendly face, and having someone I trust to guide me in my financial journey is a comfort.

- Nicole Sheila Mathiaz, Early Years consultant--

Michael is a very responsible, efficient and reliable agent. When I was admitted to the hospital, he ensured that my ward stay, discharge and follow-up check-ups went smoothly and fully covered by my insurance. He also made sure that my payments and claims were processed on time.

- Danial, Nurse--

It is good to know that my investments are now more diversified. Through Nick, I gained some understanding of how various ILPs work. I would recommend Nick’s services to people who need financial advice.

- Victor Yeo, Business Analyst--

Ever since Nick became my Financial Services Consultant, I see a lot more structure in my financial affairs. I used to have a lot of policies which overlapped and were not necessarily what I needed. Nick helped me to prioritise and re-organise my portfolio. One key aspect of having Nick as my Financial Services Consultants is the fact that he is in constant communication with me and takes the time and effort to give me regular updates and meet ups. His services are definitely highly recommended.

- Suresh, Assistant Project Manager--

Vincent has my best interests in mind. He helped me organized my insurance portfolio and made sure that I would not have any overlapping policies. I’m grateful for his thoroughness to make sure that I have the best plans for my needs.

- Christina Wong, Legal Secretary--

Vincent took the time to analyse my current insurance policies and gave excellent recommendations. My insurance now costs less but have much better coverage. Vincent is a man of integrity and only recommended me policies that I need.

- Yazid, Courier Service--

Warren made sure that my policies had full coverage of my basic requirements. He’s very pro-active and makes it a point to constantly review our policies to ensure that they are current and appropriate. I’d also like to thank him for making my wife’s medical claim hassle-free and fast.

- M Hamarian, GM, logistics--

Warren took me through the Discovery Process to identify what was financially important to me. What I liked about him is his commitment, and that he only advises his clients to buy policies based on what they need.

- Ms Ho Huiyun, Civil Servant--