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For Businesses

In today’s dynamic economy, business owners and businesses are facing new and increasingly complex risks. A minor disruption to normal trading or business activities can have disastrous results. Our goal is to help protect your business assets, liabilities and revenue streams.

Once we have identified the key aspects of your business, we can provide business solutions tailored to your needs that will work towards being a long-term and mutually profitable relationship.


Take care of your greatest assets – your employees

Your employees are one of the greatest assets to your business. We will work with you to take care of your employees’ wellbeing with our array of Employee Health & Benefits insurance solutions that include group medical and personal accident coverage. In addition, we can also assist you in setting up Keyman Insurance and Buy-Sell Agreements.

There are other types of insurance products, each with a specific purpose and covering specific events. Through our Discovery Process, we can help you determine what is relevant to your business.

Managing Your Business Risks

As business owners, you can choose to bear any losses as they occur, i.e., self-insure. This approach is appropriate only for minor risks that only have a small impact to daily business operations.

For major risks that may result in larger economic losses, we will work with you to protect your business enterprise with business insurance. With a good business insurance plan, your enterprise can be compensated for losses that occur due to the insured events. A good business insurance solution ensures that should these events occur, the economic impact would be minimal and your enterprise can continue operating.



Examples of major risks include:

  • Damage or loss of property such as building, machinery, inventory, cargo or money.
  • Liability to employees and third parties.
  • Death or disability of key persons.