The word integrity evolved from the latin adjective integer, meaning whole or complete. Acting in the interest of our clients based on transparency and honesty is of utmost importance as we act according to our values, beliefs and principles that we hold.


We strongly believe in the fact that continuous learning and upgrading will lead to competency and skill expected of a professional. The many testimonials from our clients are testament to the standard of care we uphold ourselves to for our clients.


"For success, attitude is equally as important as ability."-Walter Scott. Our team of Financial Services Consultants is committed to working with you to meet your financial goals, at every life stage you're in.


We rise by lifting others, which is why teamwork forms one of our top core values as a Financial Services Consultant. As we build a professional career, we will never neglect the need for friendship and bonding.

Financial planning is about bringing the future to the present, through a process of identifying your goals in life and working within your financial resources.

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Who we are

We are a team of Financial Services Consultants representing AIA Singapore Pte Ltd and we provide financial planning services for you and your loved ones. As a team, we aim to demonstrate exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service.

We share a common vision, which is to build a team of professional financial planners that will set the standard in the financial planning industry. We believe through professional certification courses like Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP), we will be able to add value to our client’s financial portfolio.

What we do


While we work hard to build up our savings for the future, there are life catastrophes that can strike without warning. If you could not work for 3 years due to an illness like cancer, how do you ensure you remain financially secure?

Our priority is to prepare you and your family with adequate protection that will help you through these unexpected and difficult times.

Even with the introduction of Medishield Life in 2015, you may still wish to consider private medical insurance and income protection, so you and anyone in your family will have the option to choose your own doctor and to stay in a private ward.

This means treatment and private operations can be performed at your convenience by a surgeon of your choice, and often, at a hospital of your choice.

Our services include planning for:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Income Replacement
  • Critical Illness
  • Personal Accident
  • Prenatal insurance
  • Diabetes insurance


Simplify your needs for wealth accumulation by allowing us to guide you through your goals in life and tailor solutions personable to you.

By leveraging a relationship with fund managers, we are able to customize investment solutions to meet your risk profile and objectives and to grow your wealth.

Retirement Planning

Is CPF life sufficient to meet your retirement needs? Tell us the kind of lifestyle you want in your golden years and we will help you achieve it.

College Education Fund

Every parent wants a great foundation for their children. What better way to do this than to accumulate and grow your savings for your child’s future education needs?

Estate Planning

Most people in their life would have purchased some form of insurance and investment to secure their family’s financial future. However, what they think is complete is only 50% done! Without estate planning, there will be unnecessary hefty “leakages” like taxes, unidentified or lost assets and legal expenses upon death.

We have a licensing agreement with Rockwills to provide estate planning advisory services to our clients and to safeguard what they have built for their loved ones in the event of death or mental incapacity.

Established in 1995, Rockwills is a pioneer in providing will-writing and custody services in the region with a track record of having drafted more than 180,000 wills over the last 20 years. Its trust business, where the company offers its services as the Trustee of family trusts and as the Executor of estates, currently holds 70,000 executor and trustee appointments.

The first step in establishing a good estate plan is to create a will. A will is necessary, no matter how many possessions you have or however simple you think your financial affairs are. Drawing up a will facilitates a faster, easier and correct distribution of your estate, while not having one will make the process time consuming and costly.

Wealth preservation is not just about wills; it also involves preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) under the Office of the Public Guardian. As with creating a will, preparing an LPA concerns anyone at any age as it may affect anyone due to illness, disability or mental impairment, rendering you incapable of handling or managing your own affairs and finances, like handling a bank, building a society account or transacting a house sale.

The LPA allows you to specifically appoint somebody, like your family or loved ones, to look after you and your personal welfare and healthcare if you are unable to do so yourself. This effectively replaces what is commonly known as the “Living Will”.

Should the situation arise where we do not have an LPA, a Deputy will be appointed by the Court to manage your affairs for you. This will require significant legal fees, and the Court Appointed Deputy may not be someone you know personally, and hence may not be aware of your personal circumstances.